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Si Tu Savais chords

WowBobWowWowBobWow Another Time & SpaceNew
edited February 2006 in Repertoire
Hola Forum,

A fellow gadjo passed this chart into my hands and I figured it was only fair to pass it over--keep in mind they are up for alterations/etc. Hope you enjoy!
If anyone knows what to tremolo over the B section or any fills/tricks exist please share with the rest of the class. Adios!

AABA form

A1 section
!Bm C9!Bm G7!Bm A7!D F#7!
!Bm C9!Bm Bo!G7///!F#7///!

A2 & A3 Sections
!Bm C9!Bm G7!Bm A7!D F#7!
!Bm C9!Bm Bo!G7 F#7!Bm///!

B section
!G7///!G7///!F#7 F7!F#7 C9!


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