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1st chorus of bireli's "blues clair" - correct my

oztsoranoztsoran New
edited February 2008 in Gypsy Picking
I started transcribing this one, and I'm trying to stick to the principles of horowitz's book, but all those down-strokes seem really counter-intuitive. I'm not even a guitarist, and somehow I'm sure bireli's being more efficient about it. how would you guys play it?


  • I just realised this wouldn't be of much use to anyone without my left hand fingerings, so here they are. I'm not much good at doing "tabs". perhaps next time I'll just jot down which string I use for which notes, but I think this gets the picture across. some of the fingerings might appear kind of strange (take bars 9-10 for example), I'm aware of that. it's cause cause I'm trying to play it on a classical guitar, and I'm trying to keep most of the action on the neck.
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