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  • JSanta 7:54AM

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donna lee on oud

aa New York City✭✭✭✭
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  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
    Posts: 1,249
    Man, that's cool beyond cool - but you know, he could really use a Guitarron, Shamisen & French Horn to fill out the sound of the group...

    If you like GJ on alternative instruments - check out Fishtank Ensemble - an amazing group who played DFNW last year and blew people away. They were absolutely wonderful.
    You get one chance to enjoy this day, but if you're doing it right, that's enough.
  • djangologydjangology Portland, OregonModerator Dell Arte Hommage
    Posts: 894
    i would love to own a Oud but I have NO IDEA on what to look for that makes an Oud worth what you pay for...
    "I want to party like its 1929!"
  • KlezmorimKlezmorim South Carolina, USANew
    Posts: 160
    djangology wrote:
    i would love to own a Oud but I have NO IDEA on what to look for that makes an Oud worth what you pay for...

    You'll probably have to go a-googling for a forum of oud players and ask there. When I was in the Middle East, I saw quite a variety of cheapo-cheapos in the local suq. They were obviously for tourists to purchase and hang in their living-room/salon. Here, at home, a local Mid-East deli has a few hanging from the ceiling. I've never bothered to check the price tags. I mean. really, would you buy an instrument from the same shop where you buy a "falafel plate special?"

    Then again, maybe you SHOULD go for the low price-point to see if you really want to play one. If you decide it's not for your, you're not out much.

    It's the same=old, same-old: Do you invest in a decent instrument that'll retain more of its value? Or do you limit your losses with an entry-level box?
  • KlezmorimKlezmorim South Carolina, USANew
    Posts: 160
    ... By the way, have you seen Tony Gatlif's movie, "Swing" - Abdellatif Chaarani plays oud in a few places. If you have /can buy/borrow/etc. the DVD. be sure to check out the bonus material. Mr. Chaarani is seen coaching the cast and playing more oud. Very nice.

    - "Monsieur 'Wanna-buy-a-vase?' Bambino"
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