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Dupont Nomade or Manouche

I have seen a previous post about this same subject but no one responded with answer that theyve played both, I was just wondering if anyone has played both. I'm leaning towards the Nomade thats at Gypsyguitars because its only $1200 but i would definitley like some input because in both cases I won't be able to play them before I buy, which Ive only one other time bought with playing before (which turned out fine) but still a little scary.

thanks for any help or advise



  • waldenjazzwaldenjazz Thoreau, NMNew
    Posts: 70
    Hi there, you won't be disappointed with the Manouche... it's a great little company and they offer an unconditional guarantee. Tony and John are real professionals in every way and will go out of their way to make you satisfied. Just about everyone agrees it's the best guitar for the money.
  • ElliotElliot Madison, WisconsinNew
    Posts: 551
    The Nomade has a neck that is bolted on....for me that is a deal breaker.

    You might have better luck over at the UK forum trying to find someone who has played both.
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