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  • Andrew Ulle 5:22PM

Tchavolo Swing and chord notation

nelson84nelson84 New
edited August 2007 in Gypsy Rhythm
Hey Michael or anyone else out there who can help. I'm going through this book and while it has amazing amounts of useful material, some notation I find in fake books for chords is alien to me, especially when trying to figure out those chords in gypsy jazz-ish positions....for example...I found this chord sheet for Tchavolo Swing: http://www.visi.com/~mpv/charts/Tchavalo%20Swing.pdf

and I have no idea what D-6 is, i mean I know what a D6 should look like, but what does the hyphon mean? some notations have pluses, some have triangles....its very confusing to me. Is there a good book that talks about the basics for notation like this and how to construct a gypsy jazz chord out of notation like that?
thanks so much!



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