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  • DeuxDoigts_Tonnerre 7:55PM


edited April 2005 in Gypsy Jazz 101
hello, this is my first post in these forums. i'm a student at a jazz school in vancouver BC and am seriously interested in learning gypsy jazz. i've been working through "gypsy picking" a bunch and it's coming along - slowly.

anyways, i'd like to learn more about the chords that are used in gypsy jazz. i've noticed some voicings are common to both idioms of jazz (modern and gypsy), and was wondering do gypsy players often use drop 2or3, quartal, 3/7 voicing, etc?

is there any other advice you can give me on the choice of voicings?

i'm also planning to buy some of the online lessons on la pompe.

thanks in advance.


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