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Question on holding the pick

daveguinane1daveguinane1 Birmingham/Essex/ParisNew
edited July 2007 in Gypsy Picking
Hello everyone,

This is my first post though i have been reading these forums for some time. I realise there are countless posts regarding clarification on holding the pick in 'Gypsy Picking' (fantastic book, i must add!!), but I wanted to post some pics of my own showing the way i am holding the pick. If anyone has any suggestions regarding good/bad points i would be most grateful, i am keen not to get into any bad habits in the early stages of learning this technique!!

One thing i do find is that my index finger naturally moves outwards (away from the palm of my hand) while i am playing. i wonder if i am holding the pick too lightly, or whether this slight movement should really cause me that much concern, as i still feel fairly comfortable playing

Again, any help would be much appreciate, thanks everyone,

DSC00088.JPG 98.6K
DSC00087.JPG 102.6K


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