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Best strings?

Hey guys,

I was just wondering which strings sound best for a Gitane DG-255?


  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
    Posts: 1,378
    You can't go grong with Savarez Argentines.
    Most people like 10's but if your action isn't very high maybe 11's would be better.
    I have a DG-250 and I use 10's with high action (4mm+) but often replace the High E and B with a 11 and a 14.
    Good luck!!
  • manoucheguitarsmanoucheguitars New MexicoNew
    Posts: 199
    You might try a set of every brand and you could be surprised to find Newtones are really excellent! The Dell Arte strings are probably the worst.

  • Posts: 597
    So far I've only used Argie 11s on my D500. The G-strings tend to wear out two- or three-times as quickly as the others in the set--so I stock up on extra Gs.
  • HereticHeretic In the Pond✭✭✭
    Posts: 230
    Yes, Argentine 0.10's are the most popular. Try them first. If you like the sound and feel, order extra G strings because they last about half as long as the rest of the set - at least for me. They are the benchmark.

    Because I like to change my sound from time to time, I also use Newtone nickel Gypsy strings. I wear out the Newtone G strings as well. Oddly, the Argentine spare G strings work well with these, too.

    Lately, I'm partial to the new D'Addario 0.10's.All are available from this site.
  • Posts: 12
    What about regular guitar strings? Would those work? What sets gypsy strings apart?
  • badjazzbadjazz Maui, Hawaii USA✭✭✭ Rodrigo Shopis, YL Cholet
    Posts: 128
    sometimes people use silk & steel strings, but I would say don't even waste your time with regular strings. They neither sound nor feel right on a GJ guitar. The GJ strings have a lighter tension, and are closer to silk & steel strings than anything, but even those aren't really the same. Just try the Argies before messing with anything else.
  • DjazzerDjazzer New
    Posts: 20
    At present using D`addario gypsy jazz 10s there supposed to last twice as
    long as the other brands due to the strings having a protective coating,pleased with the tone of these strings bright sounding, argies tend to lose there brightness after a short time also had problems with the G fraying and several times lose windings on the A string and loop windings becoming loose reluctant to use them again. :x
  • Ken BloomKen Bloom Pilot Mountain, North CarolinaNew
    Posts: 164
    I've been using the Newtone Gitanes now for quite a while and they sound better on my guitar than the Argnetines. They last a lot longer and keep a nice edge. What i really appreciate is how good they sound when they're trashed. I recently had to play a concert and intended to change my strings first. It didn't happen and they still sounded fine. Mellow when I had to lay back and then right out front for playing a solo. YMMV.
    Ken Bloom
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