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I don't have a manouche guitar!

geoffgeoff Goshen, INNew
edited June 2007 in Gypsy Picking Posts: 10
Hi michael

i have a little problem right now: i don't have a manouche guitar. And i probably won't buy one for at least another 5 months. so should i still buy gypsy picking now and practice the gypsy picking materials on my other guitars?

i'm on holiday right now, and i've only brought my Ibanez RG guitar with me. I won't have access to my other guitars until i go home, and that would be at least another month and a half!

once i get home, i'll have access to my Yamaha AEX. it's a hollow body jazz guitar, identical to the one martin taylor uses.

I want to practice gypsy picking asap! so should I wait until I get a manouche guitar, or should I got right ahead and practice on my Ibanez RG until i get home and then practice on my Yamaha AEX?


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