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New Rodrigo Shopis Model D'Artagnan Deluxe

Model D'Artagnan Deluxe - lower bout 420mm (16.5in.)
This is an exquisitly hand-crafted (Favino-sized) guitar with custom inlay on the neck and headstock. The finish is a hand-rubbed (violin type) antique oil varnish which is extremely light. All of Rodrigo's guitars are made of solid wood back and sides with a variety of choices.
The sound is gorgeous. The action is set relatively low and the guitar is quite loud.
Rodrigo will be at the Django-in-June festival and will be showing this guitar. I suggest that anyone who is there give it a try... I think you will be impressed. I loved it and have one on order which will be ready in early September.
Here is a link to his site for more pictures of his work and contact info:



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