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Greg's changes?

dwannabedwannabe Coupeville, WashingtonNew
I just read on the Pearl Django website that you've left the group. Were you too busy witht the Hot Club Sandwich or what? Who's in your trio? Hope to see the trio on Capitol Hill Thursdays.


  • gregrubygregruby Moderator
    It's true. I did depart from Pearl Django. It was a glorious ride but it was time to catch a train in a different direction. I hopped off at the next available station and the journey ever ends...... I am indeed playing with Hot Club Sandwich a bit more. I am also investing more time into teaching and finishing this Oscar Aleman book. YIKES, I am too far behind on that to even feel comfortable mentioning it!!

    So yes, I am still out there....Check out my website at www.gregrubyguitar.com and catch the trio as well. The trio is a rotating cast of charachters that I enjoy making music with.

    thanks for asking,

  • gregrubygregruby Moderator
    never ends....especially typos.

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