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thomasdrouin branner

Stimer reissue ST48 Pickup

I thought it would be handy to put this on another thread because my other thread dealt with me considering an Epi Emperor Regent. As it happens i decided in the end to purchase a Stimer ST48, i've just ordered one from from Jacques but it will be a few weeks before it arrives as i just realised he's away in France.

So my setup is-

Gitane 250M
AER Alpha
Argentine 11's Loop ends
Stimer ST48

As mentioned in the other thread for the smaller gigs i'm still just going to use my AKG1000s Condenser mic. I figure the Stimer will be handy for those noisier gigs.

I'd be interested to hear from any one using the Stimer with a Gitane model. I decided on the 48 model as it just seems less fussy than the 51 model which requires attaching a seperate volume pot. I'll post my findings when it arrives.
Currently-Gitane 250M
Previously-Gitane 255
Previously- Gitane D500
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