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  • Azazzell 9:12AM

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Is this a good beginner gypsy guitar?

I'm an experienced Rock and Classical guitarist, looking to expand to another genre, and I've been interested in Gypsy Jazz for a while. I found this guitar for sale:
Selmer style "petite bouche" (oval hole) guitar handmade by Ottawa luthier Nathan Curry. Beautiful rosewood back and sides; solid spruce top; ebony fingerboard. Also has a high quality internal pickup. Bright and Loud! Guitar was handmade for me in 1998, at a cost of $1600. It now has some light wear, and a crack on the top that has been repaired. With a soft case. Great Guitar.
He's selling it for $695 (canadian) by the way.
Nathan Curry seems like a pretty popular luthier around southern ontario, from what I've read. My only concern is the crack in the top, but it seems like a good opportunity to get a good guitar for a cheap price, as long as the crack won't have any large effect on the tone.


  • BohemianBohemian State of Jefferson✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 303
    Contact Curry and see what he says about the guitar

    $700 for a handmade seems reasonable but
    if you are not sure.. I would suggest and experienced Gypsy Jazz style player have a look at it.
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