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Thanks to Michael and others there's an abundance of starting material for gypsy jazz guitar (I for one am trying to work my way through a stack of books and videos). However, for the Accordion - particularly in this style - it seems like a solo adventure (don't get me wrong, there is something fun about that). Transcribing solos from recordings is probably the most important way to learn anyways, but is anyone aware of other resources to supplement that - books, videos, etc.? Also, I'm interested in earlier accordion in this genre as well as Musette predecessors, etc. Any recommendations on recordings would be great!



  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭

    You can find a bunch of Jo Privat transcriptions here:

    If you don't know it, check out Manouche Partie with Matelo Ferret.

    Good hunting,
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    Mark, try the Paul Beuscher "Musette" series. Tons of tunes in standard notation. The "Paris Musette" CD series on La Lichere (Just a Memory) are outstanding, as is Jo Privat's "Manouche Partie" mentioned by Jack. Those are good places to start exploring. There is quite a lot of stuff still in print, and some excellent documentary films in French floating around.

    As for actually *playing* a chromatic accordion, though... You're on your own, mon ami.

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