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Neil Andersson Equipment ?

Charlie AyersCharlie Ayers Salt Lake CityProdigy
Hi Neil:

I really liked your tone when you played at the last DFNW. Afterward, I asked you about your equipment and you told me that you were using a Schertler Basik (perhaps in combination with a Bigtone?).

Were you using it through one of their preamps. or just plugged right in to your amp (I think it was an AER?)?



  • Neil AnderssonNeil Andersson Tacoma, WA USANew
    Hi Charlie,

    Nice to hear from you...and thanks for your comments on my tone at DjangofestNW - I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't sure how it sounded out front...it sounded a bit bright on 'stage' to me. Anyway, I was using the Schertler Basik straight into the XLR input of the AER - no preamp, with the tone settings generally about 12 o'clock (sometimes I add more bass or roll the treble back depending on the room); I have sometimes blended the Basik with the Bigtone bridge pickup, but as I recall that night I decided not to do that. Generally now, depending on what guitar I use, I'm using just the Basik. I place it about a half inch or so from the foot of the treble side of the bridge.

    Hope this helps...let me know if you need more info. Best,
  • Charlie AyersCharlie Ayers Salt Lake CityProdigy
    Thanks greatly for the information, Neil!

    You gave me some input on guitar choice about 8 years ago, which was also very helpful. I may have to try the Basik myself, if it was that easy, as I also use an AER.

  • I was also groovin' on your tone tonight - but I'm guessing you didn't use a bigtone to record this one... seriously great tone though... an absolute classic.
    You get one chance to enjoy this day, but if you're doing it right, that's enough.
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