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A7 lick...

edited December 2006 in Licks and Patterns Posts: 145
Here's another one for A7. This one is something I came up with. Inspired by Bireli and Andreas. The use of the major pentatonic scale can yield some interesting results over dominant chords depending on what degree the scale is built on. In this idea, I connect a typical gypsy jazz style A9 triplet pattern to a descending Eb major pentatonic scale. The idea here is to play the pentatonic over the b5 (i.e. tritone substitution).

Pay attention to how the sound "opens up" - I.E. larger interval leaps. This is something that was pioneered by McCoy Tyner and Coltrane. A good example of how to integrate modern ideas into a gypsy jazz style.

I'm assuming you know what "grip" of A7 this is based off of.


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