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New Paulus Schafer CD

dennisdennis Montreal, QuebecModerator
edited October 2006 in Welcome
I received this CD months and motnhs ago but never had time to post a review with clips... anyway here are a few clips ...

he's playing electric guitar on this one and it features a few compositions. It's pretty much Dutch style but it's interesting as there isn't often violin in the Dutch style... and Martien Wagner complements PAulus' style very well.

The CD features 16 yr old Noah Schafer on bass who 's equally at ease on the piano, violin and guitar (unfortunately he only plays bass on the CD)

What's also great are the crooner style vocal tracks... (especially on night and day)...

you can order the cd here and i suppose michael can get it too:


Track 11.mp3 651.8K
Track 02.mp3 772.5K


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