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Arch-Top intro to "Django's Castle"

Blue DragBlue Drag S.F. Bay Areaâś­âś­âś­âś­
I really enjoy using The Pearl Django Play-Along Book. My question is what Guitar, Pick-up and Amp combination is used (I assume by Dudley) for the intro to "Django's Castle". The tone on that intro is just heavenly arch-top tone, a tone I would love to emulate (I know... it's also, touch, taste and talent). Is it the Gibson/DeArmond combo pictured in the book? Amp? And if that was Dudley he definitely Do Right.


  • Neil AnderssonNeil Andersson Tacoma, WA USANew
    The intro of the Pearl Django recording (and subsequent melody and solos) to Django's castle (Manoir de mes reves) on the PD Avalon disk was actually a Shelley Park oval-hole guitar, number 29, with a Stimer pickup played by me (Neil Andersson) rather than Dudley's archtop. I was plugged directly into a Line 6 POD with a setting that approximated an old tube amp sound.

    I hope this helps. Thanks very much for the compliments. I enjoyed the session and was very happy with the over-all sound of the instrument. As a side note, I was in the control room plugged into the board, with the other players in the studio, but it seemed to work out....
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