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Clear pickguard

tommasotommaso ROMA-ITALYNew
Hi friends,
is it a good idea to install a clear pickguard on a DG-310, to preserve the finish? What do you think? And what type is better? where can I buy one?
Thanks for suggestions,
Tommaso :?:
Grazie Django!


  • pallopennapallopenna Rhode IslandNew
    Posts: 245
    One thing to consider (which Josh pointed out to me) is that, while a pickguard may protect the finish, it may also inhibit the tone of the guitar. This is more of a problem for Selmer style guitars than for flattops because of the nature of the construction of the top around the sound hole. In a Selmac, the area just beneath the sound hole vibrates quite a lot (as opposed to, say, a dreadnought). It's just a thought. I actually did the opposite with my Dupont and removed the pickguard (thanks to Josh again for the advice on how to do this without ruining the guitar) and it does sound better. More "alive."

    Reject the null hypothesis.
  • lmntrylmntry Portland , Oregon✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 92

    I have been using the removeable clear pickguards from guitar bra on my Dell arte Hommage.


    I get the do it yourself blank and cut my own.....there is enough for 3 or 4 guards on 1 sheet.

    These work well and are removable at any time.....they really saved my guitar from a lot of wear.

    These will be perfectly safe for the finish on your Gitane....just make sure to check what finish you have , and check the instructions given by the manufacturer.

  • Josh HeggJosh Hegg Tacoma, WAModerator
    Posts: 622
    Depending on the guitar a pick guard might not change the tone. With a guitar like Dupont the top is very thin so the pick guard does stop some vibrations. With a Gitane chances are that it will not change much if any as the tops are much thicker compared to some GJ guitars. If you do put one on make it as small as you can.

  • lmntrylmntry Portland , Oregon✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 92
    I think you are missing the point of "removable" pickguards.

    Even if it did slightly change your tone ,you can always take it off for performances and even jam sessions.
    (We have them on a bunch of guitars in Portland and havn't noticed
    any adverse effects of the sound)

    But you can put it on for practicing , noodling etc. Which should take up much more of your time than actual gigs.

    Your top will be the winner.

    No sense pre-aging your instrument...that will come all too soon.

  • drollingdrolling New
    Posts: 153
    The poly finishes on my Gitanes seem practically indestructable & the tops are pretty thick & heavy compared to the hand-built selmacs I've played..

    Been beating on mine for a couple of years w/very little sign of wear, but if they had thin nitro finished tops, I'm sure they'd be looking a lot worse.
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