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Rodrigo Shopis Octave Piccolo Concert Classical

chappiechappie âś­âś­âś­âś­
How's this for a cool travel guitar in these days of tight airport security?
This is Rodrigo's Octave Piccolo Concert Classic Guitar
Nylon Strings
Indian Rosewood back and sides
Englemann Spruce soundboard
Overall Length 28-3/8's inches (718mm)
Scale Length= 16-5/8's inches (420 mm)
Depth= 3 3/8's in. (87mm)

commissioned by Mr. Dozier Hasty
for Mark Delpriora
Co-Chair, Guitar Dept.
Manhattan School of Music
New York.
more (and better) pictures at: http://www.rodrigoshopis.com
rodrigo.jpg 222.6K
picc1.jpg 174.5K
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