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Bireli with Bob Wilber, "music of django"?

oscaroscar yesNew
edited February 2005 in Welcome
Anyone heard of a cd by Bob Wilber with Bireli and others, called The Music of Django?


  • No, but I'd like to!!! I really like Bob Wilbur's playing and arranging. His albums with Kenny Davern were great! "Soprano Summit." Really swingin' stuff. It would be great to hear Bireli in that context.

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  • scotscot Virtuoso
    This is more than likely a record called "Django's Music" that was made 15 or 20 years ago by Mike Peters and had Birili Lagrene and Bob Wilbur on a couple of cuts. And, I think it has horn arrangements and is pretty American in style. I have not listened to it in a long time and don't much remember what's on it - but as I recall, it was a pretty good record for the day. That's if you like horns, of course...
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