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why bireli is the best

dennisdennis Montreal, QuebecModerator
edited July 2006 in Welcome Posts: 2,019
last night's big band concert was a memorable night... he played with fusion bassist alain caron and his bassist, and did his repertoire from the WDR big band recordings

but the highlight of the concert is seeing the expressions on the orchestra members faces... the members are some of the elite jazz musicians in montreal, kind of snobbish and jaded....

but you should have seen the looks on their faces when bireli soloed... some of them just couldn't contain themselves and were in utter disbelief... one trumpet player was just staring at him with his mouth wide open hahahaha

one of the members mentionned the uber quick rehearsal, bireli showed up blazed through all the arrangements / tunes without a sweat... one take for the rehearsal.... and this is with jet lag and after having played four consecutive gigs (duet with richard galliano, gypsy project, joey defrancesco, escoude) with different repertoire/arrangements

he came, he saw, he conquered!

he mentionned a new gypsy project cd coming out in january with elvis tunes
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