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New Django Reinhardt footage?? (walking not playing...)

TonyReesTonyRees New South Wales, Australia
edited July 31 in History Posts: 65
Hey all, this just popped up on my Facebook feed, courtesy of Philippe Navenant: "Django Reinhardt, Gent 1943"

Not seen this before!! If non-FB users cannot see it, I will investigate further...

Edit: Now I see, uploaded to Youtube 7 years ago...

and mentioned at DjangoStation around then as well:


BucovanmalmsteenBill Da Costa Williamsbillyshakes


  • Posts: 2,846

    Can't say I've seen this before. A true celebrity.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • Svanis1337Svanis1337 ✭✭✭
    edited August 1 Posts: 425

    Unfortunately Patrus enabled youtube's digital image stabilization when uploading the video so that's why it looks weird and the text is moving around. It comes from a random Belgian news segment on some modern Gypsy Jazz.

    It appeared very sudden and unexpected, almost went under the radar, and I think the original link is gone. Makes me wonder if there's more out there, I wonder where they sourced this clip from?

  • spatzospatzo Virtuoso
    edited August 1 Posts: 737

    8 years ago moreless I went to Gand to play a couple of gigs during « Les fêtes de Gand » and I met the woman that directed the theater Capitol where Django played in 1943. She allowed me to visit the place and told me that there was a video of Django at the theater in the forties but I was unable to see it in that time.

    Soon after Koen de Cauter who is The Boss in Gand published the video in some blog.

  • A GentA Gent ✭✭
    Posts: 20

    Non-stabilised version from 2:18 here.

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