Gonzalo Bergara - A una carioca

ericlaveericlave ✭✭ DiMauro St-Louis Blues
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i'm transcribing one of Gonzalo's composition : A una carioca.

I have some trouble with chord progression. Anyone got the chord progression for this tune?

I know the F#m - Bm - E7 - A then 2-5-1 but the other part is tricky for me.




  • ericlaveericlave ✭✭ DiMauro St-Louis Blues
    Posts: 11

    Oh yes, i also got the part with D - Db7 - F#m - E

  • ericlaveericlave ✭✭ DiMauro St-Louis Blues
    Posts: 11

    There might be mistake....

  • ChristopheCaringtonChristopheCarington San Francisco, CA USANew Eastman DM2
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    I personally don't, but I've chatted with Gonzalo - he let's his ears figure out chord progressions & voicings. So I wouldn't focus too much on "this progression doesn't make sense" - only if it sounds right.

  • ericlaveericlave ✭✭ DiMauro St-Louis Blues
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    Hi Christophe,

    I am not trying to make sense of it honestly, i am trying to find the progression he plays. I found a bit more since my post....but still have work ahead to get the whole thing! For some reason this one is though for me to find, usually, i get chord progression pretty fast...not this time! It is for sure a good exercise though.

  • Lango-DjangoLango-Django Niagara-On-The-Lake, ONModerator
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    Yeah, the toughest ones to figure out are usually the coolest ones.

    When I get really stumped, I use one of those slowdowner apps and make a little loop that will repeat each chord over and over for me until DUH! I finally get it right!


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