question about preamp and amp

calòcalò Bilbao, SpainNew
Hi all, I have installed the schatten pickup few days ago,and I would like to improve the sound of the pickup, usually I run trough an small PA, my question is: should I buy a preamp to get more eq and feedback control (LR Baggs?) or should I buy an acousitc amp (AER I like it but too expensive to me)?


  • MontereyJacquesMontereyJacques ✭✭✭✭
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  • djadamdjadam Boulder, CONew
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    Yeah, the Baggs gives you some nice EQ options - I use it with a Compact 60. I didn't like the sound I got with just the Schatten into the amp, but I got much better sound (and volume) after tweaking it with the Baggs. I'm using the original Schatten though, so I can't speak for their revised model.

    By the way, my comment on the Compact 60 is that it sounds pretty transparent. It's almost like a mini PA. In other words, it won't color your sound, so I'd go with a preamp to change your tone before switching to a C60.
  • calòcalò Bilbao, SpainNew
    Posts: 19
    That,s true djadam, maybe I got a nice sound just wih a good preamp and the PA, so I´ll go for the preamp.
    But now the big question : Baggs, Fishman pro platinum, sans Amp, Presonus acousti-q, Schaten Ultrasound?, wich ne do you recommend me?.
    I have an small AKG C411 condenser mic( small jack connection), could I mixed with the Schatten in these preamps?.
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