2014 Castelluccia Gypsy Jazz Guitar D-Hole w/ K&K definity pickup - NYC - $1000 OBO

tbleentbleen Astoria QueensNew Gaffiero
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I have a 2014 Castelluccia with a fixed K&K definity pickup that I don't play anymore. Was purchased here on Djangobooks originally. Plays great, has a very full and rich sound.

As you can see there is a large crack on the top, which is why I'm selling it for so cheap. Originally this is a $2k+ guitar. I'm hoping this guitar can end up in someone's hands who will want to seal it...although it's a nice luthier made gig-ready "beater" as-is. The 1/4 jack is in the end pin. Comes with a hard case.


exact guitar demoed by Michael


  • JoseJose Minneapolis New DuPont MD 50
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  • Chris MartinChris Martin Shellharbour NSW Australia✭✭ Petrarca, Catelluccia, Bucolo, Martino, Hofner, Hoyer, Burns
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    That should not be a difficult fix, looks like a clean break, possibly complicated a little if one of the braces has come unstuck but still doable. A real bargain for somebody. I would have been interested a couple of weeks ago but I just scored a similar style Castelluccia from the 1950s. I guess that won't be for sale for long.
  • schanschan ✭✭✭
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    Is it still available and could I try the guitar, please? I am in Manhattan. Thank you.
  • tbleentbleen Astoria QueensNew Gaffiero
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    Hi, yes still available. I'll send you a PM
  • tbleentbleen Astoria QueensNew Gaffiero
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    Does anyone have any contact with the Castelluccia shop in Paris? I sent a message through their website to see if they'd be interested in repurchasing the guitar at a low cost, thinking it might be an easy, low investment for them to seal the crack and resell. Never heard back. I'm going to France this summer and wondering if it's worth it to even haul the guitar over with me into their shop with this proposition.

    I'd really love to offload this guitar and make room for a new homie at some point.
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    I don't but would ask Rodrigo Shopis if he could take care of it.
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