WTB Collins Dvd set- Building a selmer macc..

maxmax SwedenNew

I’d like to buy the 10 disc set produced by Collins..

I’m in Europe, Sweden - but I’ll guess it doesn’t really matter..

Hit me!


  • maxmax SwedenNew
    Yes Michael, thanks´s!

    I was hoping for that maybe someone in Europe was done with their discs and wanted to part with them, We have silly taxes on import from the US now.. So, it does matter, my bad!

    I´m in no desperate need of this discs, Just curios to watch them as a complement to the book..

  • BonesBones Moderator
    Hey Max, how's the building going? R u still using the same setup for the pliage? I'm curious to try your method but I have only used the hot pipe method so far.
  • maxmax SwedenNew
    Building is going good.. but I have only been building electrics lately..
    I”ll start soon, any year now, with selmac #3, but I probably try the hotpipe method for the pliage this time.. So Sorry no new info..

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