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  • PapsPierPapsPier ✭✭
    Posts: 402
    I initially suscribed when it first opened but only videos of Antoine Boyer and Adrien Moignard were uploaded. They said that all videos were shot and would be edited and put online soon but after a few months, there were more videos but only of Adrien and Antoine (not that I dont like them but I would have preferred to see a little bit of the other ones too rather than get all Adrien then all Antoine then wait a year before getting all Sebastien Giniaux and another year for Rocky etc.) so I unsuscribed.
    I think the communication from the webmasters at that point was not so great because, being so busy, they were not able to upload the content as fast as expected and they did not give any timeline.

    But it seems to have changed now: they took into consideration the desire of players to follow only one of the musicians which is great. They could have just discarded the idea.

    (And a stupid minor thing I dont like it is the way the emails are written: the Hey buddy type of talk and the "You have never seen that before" does not appeal to me. But the videos are actually interesting).
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