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  • Azazzell 8:41AM

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  • Russell LetsonRussell Letson Prodigy
    Posts: 209
    Google says that a "DG-370 Modele Dorado Schmitt" is a Saga-built guitar, and the date on Michael's demo video is 2012. The full price back then would seem to have been $2695. Reverb sold one last year for $1200. I note that the ebay seller is a pawnshop, probably with all the guitar-marketplace expertise that implies.
  • Posts: 2
    Russell - I saw that model description in the seller’s categorization. BUT that model says Gitane on the headstock and inside label. The picture on this indicates Selmer in both places. I think the pawnshop found a model that kind of fit.
  • gitpickergitpicker Beijing/San Francisco✭✭✭✭ Favino, Favino
    Posts: 204
    For sure not a Dorado Schmitt Gitane. I was working at Saga when the Dorado model was released and it has Maple back, sides, and neck, which that guitar does not. Obviously not a Selmer either :D No idea what it is.
    Wim GlennStringswinger
    Live life and play music like it's your last day on earth. One day you'll be right- Russel Malone
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