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Django a gogo 2019 feat Raphael Fays-Serge Krief-Simba Baumgartner

Hello! Django à gogo 2019 is welcoming you in NYC April 22-28 for an amazing guitar camp and world class concerts.

Stephane Wrembel Band
Raphael Fays
Serge Krief
Simba Baumgartner
Lior Krief
Ezeckiel Krief
David Gastine

The camp is held in Maplewood NJ and will accept ONLY 30 STUDENTS which will be dispatched in 3 groups of 10, to allow everyone to learn from all the masters. You get a real chance to learn from the greatest masters of Gypsy jazz in the world!

The concerts will happen in Maplewood NJ and the grand final show will be at the legendary Town Hall in NYC.

Check it out! Reserve your seats at the camp now! Only a few left. Be one of the few!


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