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Django in June 2019

AndrewLawrenceAndrewLawrence Northampton, MA✭✭
Hi Folks:
This is just to let you know that the Django in June website is (mostly) updated now, and Early Bird registration is open. I won't try to recap everything here, but, what the heck...here's what pops to mind to mention from the Staff & Artists page:
  • The Europeans we've invited to work with guitarists this year include Romane, Noé Reinhardt, Samy Daussat, Daniel Givone, Julien Cattiaux, Michel Mercier, Martin Gioani and Thomas le Bris. And then there's a stellar crew of North Americans...some of the usual suspects (Denis Chang, Christine Tassan, Adrian Holovaty, Jack Soref...) as well as some newcomers (Debi Botos, for one!)
  • Violinists: Costel Nitescu, Daniel John Martin, Caroline Bugala, and likely more...pending your registration!
  • Mandolin: Isaac Eicher joins us for the first time; Aaron Weinstein will unravel the mysteries of chord melody mando.
  • Accordion: It's all about Jo Privat this year, what with it being his 100th birthday anniversary: Erwan Mellec and his Swing of France just released a tribute to Privat's classic Manouche Partie -- he'll be here to work with you on that along with Alicia Baker (big hit last year) and west coast jazzer Frank Petrilli making his debut on our teaching staff.
  • Bass: William Brunard (bassist for Bireli, Angelo, etc.) and Michel Rosciglione (joining us with the Romane-DJM Quartet)
  • Reeds/Winds: I would face a yellow vest revolt if we didn't bring back Giacomo Smith...and so we shall.

Hope you can join us!


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