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30+ Django solo's in 1 year (Maybe a couple Fapy solo's but we'll see) EDIT: Louis Armstrong solo's?



  • Feruza2134Feruza2134 The NetherlandsNew Phoenix D hole guitar
    edited January 6
    Guys, the coming solo's will be counted from the wednesday's because then i see my guitar teacher and wen can play it together. So coming wednesday i will announce the new solo. And then the next wednesday after that etc.
    The next song i think i will probably do will be "Night and Day" or "Coquette" still need to decide with solo on both songs haha. The transcription off All of me i will probably make next week since i need to read 3 books for school ;(
  • Feruza2134Feruza2134 The NetherlandsNew Phoenix D hole guitar
    edited January 15
    Solo 2/30 "My Sweet" unexpected, i know. My guitar teacher really wanted me to do this one. The chord changes are pretty simple so i can extract lines easily with the fitting chord. I will let you guys know when the solo is finished.

    EDIT: So, my wrist was hurting.. i grew 1cm in height 10 days. Lol. So with so much practice while i was growing my little wrist bone thingies got a little messed up. My physiotherapist corrected them but now i can't play for 2-3 days. The days before i also did little to no transcribing because i didn't want to cause a serious injury. Therefore i am postponing the My sweet solo. I will probably have it done next tuesday.
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