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  • DarrenKingUK 4:28PM

Flèche d'or is now Golden arrow (Scaramouche)

Hi Django friends, i'm not sure Django would have approved this but we put some lyrics on Flèche d'or ;)

We are Scaramouche, a group from Barcelona, hope you like it and feel free to comment. It's reasonably well recorded so you can hear a Mazaud Vieux Paris and an Olivier Marin guitar in action.

Come on! You shouldn’t miss the Golden Arrow,
There’s something new in Paris that boy you have to see
This guy that everyone there knows as Django
He will show you how to make a guitar sing.

He has composed a crazy tricky new song
An hypnotizing melody with two simple chords
And if you want to see him playing this tune
You just don’t have to miss the Flèche d’Or, let’s go!....
BucoWim GlennScoredogBonesJose


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