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La pompe with even downstrokes and no upstrokes sounds amazing as a rhythm variation!

edited December 2018 in Technique

EDIT: Apparently this is called flat four rhythm.

I listen to the Rosenberg Trio almost religiously and I've noticed a trick Nous'che will sometimes do to keep the rhythm interesting by playing la pompe with completely even downstrokes and no upstroke. Used correctly, it sounds amazing (obviously you don't do it for the whole song, just for a few seconds). Honestly though, I don't think I've ever heard anyone outside of the Rosenberg Trio use this cool trick--not even Django; though admittedly I listen to the Rosenberg Trio a lot more than Django (blasphemy, I know.) Does anyone have any more examples of this technique, because I'm in love with this sound.

Tracks are all Rosenberg Trio:
China Boy, Viper's Dream, Bellevile, Swing 42, Swing De Paris


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