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Django Reinhardt - "Seul ce soir" - Video

I could't find any video of Django playing this beautiful solo so I just made one!

Django Reinhardt must have recorded the song "Seul ce soir" ("all alone tonight..") in 1942 or so... more than 75 years later.. I decided to give him a tribute and I recorded his iconic solo on a beautiful Sadowsky guitar.

Signal chain:
Guitar: Sadowsky Semi - Hollow body
Pick: Wegen 2.5mm
Amp: Fender Hot Rod, Michael Landau model
Microphone: Vintage Bang & Olufsen Ribbon mic, BM3 model (1940's or 1950's ...)

FREE Transcription available upon request.


Wim GlennJosechikyGreatBohemian


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