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  • DarrenKingUK 6:14PM

pieces in full score (full band)

Are there any book with sheet music including all instruments of a classical gypsy jazz band?


  • PapsPierPapsPier âś­âś­
    I dont know of such a book. But I have a collection of transcriptions of Django recordings with both clarinet and guitar parts (you would still need to transcribe the bass and rhythm guitar parts)
    What is it for? To learn how to arrange for gypsy jazz bands? Or just to learn tunes?
  • I want to arrange a tune of mine and see how to get things right!
  • If you want to understand arranging the best textbook on the subject is "The Complete Arranger" by Sammy Nestico. But it is expensive covers all instruments.

    The Principles of Orchestration by Rimsky-Korsakov is a classic

    Most likely you could find some very basic stuff on arranging music free on youtube and other online sources
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  • Just to make it clear, I am interested in Gypsy Jazz specifically, not in arranging in general.
  • Lango-DjangoLango-Django Niagara-On-The-Lake, ONModerator
    I've done a lot of arranging over the years, beginning back in the eighties when I played in a 20's style jazz band with two brass and two reeds.

    I've never arranged anything in GJ style but it would seem to me that all you'd probably need to write out would be a harmony between lead guitar and violin or clarinet for the head, and possibly a coda...

    The bass and rhythm guitar could easily play from chord symbols so no real written score necessary, except for maybe breaks and hits...
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  • QuadropentaQuadropenta New England USANew
    Slightly off topic, but there is a transcription of Django interacting with Rex Stewart and Barney Bigard in 1939 on Finesse (Night Wind). Its in Gunther Schuller's "The Swing Era The Development of Jazz 1930-1945". Its a great book, with Schuller's unique take on music. I don't always agree with him, but his focus is on the swing and trad music I like. This path is a rare thing for a major writer, and he examines artists & solos rarely mentioned by others. Lots of transcriptions.
    DionysisBill Da Costa Williams
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  • Well I find Dyonisis question very interesting.

    Historically the first transcriptions were published in England by Clifford Essex (Ultraphone and Souvenirs). Stéphane and Django's soli were transcribed acurately but with ....... a piano accompaniment!

    Later on Bouncin' Around was transcribed by belgian guitarist Chas DOLNE and published by World Mudic Company in Belgium. Django's solo was transcribed but the accompaniment was just a grille and the bass part is not a transcription but an old-purpose bass part.

    Then we had these books by André PYAIR, there was just the theme with non-gypdy chords (often not even jazz chords).

    Then André DUCHAUSSOIR (nicknamed La Godasse by Django) published some books with axcellent transcriptions and correct chord forms. From time to time in the guitar press, René published some transcriptions of DR solos.

    Many publications existed some strange chord-system like Cosimini's, some strange tablatures by Robin Nolan. But to my knowledge nobody ever produced

  • followed
    Many publications existed some strange chord-system like Cosimini's, some weird tablatures by Robin Nolan. But to my knowledge nobody ever produced a music sheet with instrument of a classical gypsy band.
    What would be the nearest is 'Jouez Tzigane' by Francis Darizcuren (who is a bass player) but it only deals with 'folk tunes' (Gari-Gari, Dark Eyes, 2 guitars, Monti's Czardas, well this kind of stuff).
    Some orchestral music sheets have been published by Francis DAY (Brick Top and Nuages arranged for piano, saxo alto 1 & 2, saxo ténor 1 & 2, trumpets 1 & 2, trombone, accordéon/violon, bass and guitar grilles).

    In MHO what gives the better idea of the alchemy between 2 guitar parts can be found in the Ultimate Django Book or in Joe Charupakorn's book The Best of Django Reinhardt.

    There are also great transcriptions made by Michael Horowitz, Denis Chang, Ben Givan or PapsPier, etc...


  • Wow! Thank François! That's a lot to process...
  • It is only a short comment about collecting these stuff for nearly 50 years.

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