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*Urgent* How to put on loop ends

Well, i have always played ball end strings and i have accidently orderd 3 sets of loop end strings lol.
Can anyone in detail explain how they get on the guitar or how they are attatched? a picture would be best.
Thanks a lot!


  • Chris MartinChris Martin Shellharbour NSW Australia✭✭ Petrarca Modèle Chorus, Di Mauro Modèle Django, Gitane DG-250M, Favino Model 5A, Bucolo 'petite bouche', Hoyer & Framus Archtops, and a few electrics.
    If you are using a regular type Selmer style guitar with the standard tailpiece the loop ends go over the little posts that a ball-end string goes through. This type of tailpiece was designed to use either type.
    If you have a 'trapeze' type tailpiece (as on many Di Mauros etc) then you can just bring the loop over the bar to the front and thread the straight end of the string through; when tuned to pitch this will stay in place.
    Last option I have seen done, but tricky and time consuming is to recycle the ball ends of the old strings you are throwing away and put them in the loop and twist the slack until they are held in tight, then string up as normal. Again, if done right, they won't fall out once up to tension.
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