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Two new transcriptions Django-Rostaing

after a long break, I am getting back to my project of transcription of Django and clarinet quintet recordings.
I am offering you two new transcriptions from the 4 oct. 1947 session. Recorded for Blue Star with Rostaing, Vees, Jourdan and Soudieux, these recordings are among the best of this period for Django. Good quality of the recording, Django masters his electrical sound and his new bop ideas more than before.
It is the session of Topsy, Mano, Insensiblement etc.

So today, Blues Primitif and Moppin the bride-Danse nuptiale.

Enjoy. Comments, corrections and support are always welcome!

Django Clarinet Quintet List of transcriptions

The two last transcriptions for this session (Insensiblement and Gypsy with a song) are coming soon. Playalongs for all those coming later.


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