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Has anyone tried Maple or Walnut for bridge material?

Hi everyone,
Here is my situation. I just started playing with a small group that had advertised for a "gypsy jazz rhythm player". After a few practices and adding a vocalist, It has drifted away from GJ a little bit, which is fine. However, my guitar sounds out of place in certain situations(it is nice to know it can drown out everyone but the clarinet if I am not careful though:) ) and I have started to think a traditional archtop sound may be more appropriate. I can't really spend the money on another guitar right now but I am wondering if a bridge material like maple or walnut might warm/soften things up a bit. Has anyone tried this? I am set up to make bridges right now and I will probably give it a shot with some maple this weekend but input from others who have tried this would be great.


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