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WTB: Hans'che Weiss Favino

crescendocrescendo Palo Alto, CaliforniaNew Favino
Hi Friends -

Wondering if anyone knows the current whereabouts or owner of Hans'che Weiss' Favino (#277): http://www.djangobooks.com/favinoarchive/277/Favino277.htm

Always looking for great vintage gypsy guitars, and this one looks like it has some *major* mojo...

- Spencer


  • ronzo4600ronzo4600 PNWNew Eimer's, Hahl, Holo and Busato
    I owned this guitar for several years and it had its issues. Someone dropped the guitar on the end pin jack and put a hole in it, several cracks and other fun things. When I had it, over 20 years ago, it needed restoration. Could not tell you the condition now.
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