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Prominent bass players in gypsy jazz



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    Ghali's Rainbow Duets project, I believe it's his brainchild, is one of the nicest achievements in the genre to me.

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  • JonJon melbourne, australiaProdigy Dupont MD50B, '79 Favino
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    One more from me from Tchavolo's Miri Familia - some of the most beautiful bass playing I've heard in this style. I really like the bass players in GJ who explore the instrument and use it's whole tonal palette. Lots of people play solid conventional "jazz bass", but I really prefer when they slap, bow, and explore variations in their articulation, especially the players who change note length to bring out different effects in the rhythm section. The bow and other timbres are so unpopular in jazz now, but back in Django's day - in the US as well as in Europe - the instrument was approached much more texturally and interestingly in my opinion. Time for jazz musicians to stop worrying about substitutions and playing lots of notes, and start worrying about sound. You can just play 1 and 5, but if you are smart about using and varying your tone and attack, it can be very satisfying for both musician and audience.
  • Joey Smith who played with the Mark Atkinson Trio and Quinn Bachand is a superb bass player in GJ and Jazz. Played with and was staff arrange for the Glenn Miller band for several years way back.
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  • bbwood_98bbwood_98 Brooklyn, NyProdigy Vladimir music! Les Effes. . Its the best!
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    I thought i'd post a few american players that I like -
    So far you guys have a lot of the European cat's' covered from Louis vola to Jeramie Arranger

    Brian Netzly - from gonzalo's band,

    Ben Rubens in NYC,

    James Robbins - wherever he is at these days

    Greg Loughman from Rhythm Future.

    Ari Folman Cohen from Stephane Wrembel's band

    I'm sure there are more, but those are a few I like from the USA. . . .
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