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  • ybileydiybileydi Istanbul New Busato luxe
    Scoredog wrote: »
    From what I have been told by a number of players who have had VRB's is they are very consistent so it is almost impossible to get a bad one. I'll be curious what your number is...if you get it new one enjoy the Cognac, I like the guitar more than the drink, both are acquired tastes to a certain extent, i'm not sure I want to put in the time to understand the finer details of Cognac...the guitar yes!

    Since you are new to this...one piece of advice...the guitar will change drastically as you change or learn about the style, it will reveal personalities you did not know existed if you put the time in. if there is a problem, try lighter strings , maybe change your pick, but the guitar will be great, you will need to find how to make it sound great whether it is learning new techniques or understanding the GJ medium more. Or you can just say i have a great guitar and enjoy it for what it is.

    Thanks. Thats a great advice and I will try to do it :)
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