Performance issues Part Deux

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I discussed a number of performance issues in my previous post regarding playing while practicing alone, with the band, and on stage. I have since added a nice amplification system when needed, so that the sound and hearing issue is resolved. I want to focus now more on mechanics more narrowly. When we last discussed this, the thread morphed into our usual but also helpful improvisation discussion

What I’d like to talk about is strictly mechanical. Some of you said last time that you physically felt your hands and fingers hobbled or restricted when playing in public versus playing alone. Does anyone have a routine for warming up prior to performance that has helped them?

During performance, we have to deal with all kinds of things we don’t otherwise. Last night, at the coffee house performance, it was hot and humid as hell up there. Sweat was coming down my face and making my glasses slip. I was mopping up after every tune like Louis Armstrong. My bass player complained of getting sweaty hands and neck on his instrument. During all this, I had variations on the theme of tight hands and fingers, I got to loosen up after while here and there. My accompanying guitarist had his Peche pick up slip down position and rest on the low Estring. He muscled through his solo anyway and did a great job of adjusting it when the time came.

Techniques I’m thinking of are some sort of warm up before the show, for example. Exercises and what not. During playing, I like Stephan Wremble’s suggestion to play very simply while beginning solo and work into more complicated things. Also, I construct the set list with an on-stage warmup in mind. One more thing: I’m the band leader. I need to play the head and end just about all the tune.

I am interested to hear how you performers have made adjustments accordingly.


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