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  • rudolfo.christ 6:51AM

2011 AJL XO 503 - SALE on HOLD

<Edited and Revised>

With a heavy heart, I’m putting up AJL XO up for sale. Pictures (in the follow-up comments) show that this was clearly played before I purchased this a year ago. Specifically, there is considerable checking near the sound hole. The back also has some scratches and blemishes. However, there are no cracks at all in the top, sides, or back. All of these blemishes were present prior to me purchasing the guitar in 2017. My plan was to put a pick guard over the checked wood, but purchasing a home has forced me to make some tough decisions.

Back and sides are Brazilian rosewood as per the CITES paperwork from AJL. Top is European spruce. Neck is walnut. Three rosewood bridges are included. The AJL fitted case is worn on the outside, but is in good shape.

The Krivo Nuevo Classic Single Coil Gypsy Jazz Guitar pickup pictured IS included in the price. The Krivo is relatively new, purchased in November 2017 and is normally $169 new. You get the pickup and the mounting putty with the price of the guitar below.

The guitar plays and sounds great. This is a well played guitar, but is an extremely solid example of guitar making. The guitar is extremely stable especially with the cold and dry winter we've had in the Mid Atlantic. I'd keep it but I've recently purchased a smaller apartment and need to both downsize and free up some money for some home repairs.

Preference would be a local sale to 10010, but I will ship to the Continental US. SALE ON HOLD. This price includes the guitar, the sought after case, a Krivo Classic Single Coil Pickup, and the mounting putty. HEck...I may even throw in some fancy picks that I'm not using anymore.

Please make any inquiries or offers in a private message.


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