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Pick movement

ramsezazramsezaz Paris, FranceNew
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Hi :)
it's me again !
I was quite happy with my technique after the comment you made on my video so i started praticising a lot... But while experimenting a little bit, i found that my pick motion (and therefore my wrist motion was maybe not optimal...as a picture is worth a thousand words :

Both movement come from the wrist, in the first one (the one i use) the wrist has more of a planar motion (just up and down) and in the second one (with wich i can acheive a better volume and a more "dry" sound (claquant in french) but is less natural) the wrist has a circular motion...

I was wondering what you think about that ...

Thanks and sorry for asking too much questions :)

Edit : i figured that in the second motion, the upstroke are easier
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  • PatrickPatrick Paris, FranceNew
    Posts: 29
    Hello Raphaël,

    I think both movements are right but the first one is the one used for sweeping mainly whereas the second one is the rest-stroke technique used for a note on a single string. So I guess you need to know both, but your question was more about which is the one supposed to be used in rest-strokes and I'd say it's the second movement. Hard to achieve though I agree.

    I'd be interested in what other more expert people on the forum think about the most appropriate movement.
  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
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    That's a tough one...I'm not sure I could diagnose or explain a subtly like that via email. Sorry....

  • ramsezazramsezaz Paris, FranceNew
    Posts: 90
    I'll record videos :p
    that's subbtle, but in the end that changes quite a lot of things, but i'm surely nitpicking..
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  • aa New York City✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 800
    i no longer need to think about picking angle. it works itself out, if, while keeping your elbow positioned at the top of the big bout, you extend your forearm towards the neck, to a point right before you feel tension. if done right, you'll find your hand floating around the bridge side of the sound hole when you play the lower E,A,D, strings. also, it lands you right over the sweet spot.

    by the way, the whole bounce approach (thanks dennis) really helped me make sense of the gypsy technique...i even bounce on swept strokes. don't have to worry about geometry anymore. no more tension/fatigue, just resonant tone and a constant feeling of fluidity.
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