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  • Andrew Ulle 5:43PM

FS: *SOLD* 2014 Shopis “Gros Chien” Favino style D $3,300.

Ted GottsegenTed Gottsegen Rowayton, CTModerator
edited April 2018 in Classifieds
Hello Friends,

I’m selling this very special guitar that I designed with Rodrigo. It’s inspired from my old ‘78 Favino (long scale, 12 fret, mini D hole) and we gave it the name “Gros Chien” (pronounced Grow Shi-un), which is French for “Big Dog” and was a nickname bestowed upon Maurice Ferret by Matelo Ferret. This has quickly become a popular model as Rodrigo has made several since.

Long scale 666mm 12 fret guitar
60 year old spruce top
Solid Indian rosewood back and sides
5 piece maple neck.
The finish is Rodrigo’s own recipe, applied by hand with a lovely dark caramel color.
Silver Miller tuners and Bilardi style tailpiece round it out.

The guitar is very easy to play and has a strong midrange voice, with nice bass and treble. This is more of a modern sounding gypsy jazz guitar.

Condition is excellent, although it’s a 4 year old guitar that’s been used professionally so there are some nicks and dings that are cosmetic only (I’ve added one photo with the ding circled, they are all similar to this, but I’ll post pics of the rest for those interested.) There is also a strap button added on the heel of the neck.

This is a favorite guitar of mine and Rodrigo & I spent a lot of time discussing what I wanted with this guitar. He’s the only person I allow to work on my instruments and howmore than delivered. I’m selling because I’m buying a house.

New this is a $4,500+ guitar and Rodrigo’s wait list Is probably a year give or take, I’m selling Gros Chien for $3,300 not including shipping. I’ll post sound clips tomorrow sometime. PM me for more info!


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