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Django on DVD

Jim GallaherJim Gallaher Staunton, VA 2012 ALD La Brune
Just received my "Django" DVD (French with English subtitles, pre-ordered through Amazon). I'm loving it! A must-have for GJ fans.


  • PapsPierPapsPier ✭✭
    Posts: 382
    Hi Jim are you talking about Django the movie of Etienne Comar (which for me, is definitely not a must-have but a must-avoid), or the 4-DVD box with different documentaries about Django (which is a must have)
  • Jim GallaherJim Gallaher Staunton, VA 2012 ALD La Brune
    Posts: 23
    The Comar movie. I didn't have any expectations approaching biography, just entertainment :)
  • NotoNoto
    edited April 2018 Posts: 7
    PapsPier, what don't you like about the movie? I haven't seen it.
  • Andrew UlleAndrew Ulle Cleveland, OH✭✭✭ Antoine DiMauro modele Django
    edited April 2018 Posts: 474
    I felt like it was a gypsy version of "The Sound of Music" - complete with cartoon Nazis. I kept waiting for Julie Andrews to come out singing Do Re Mi.

    A better story might have shown how the war separated Django and Stephane, and how that affected them personally & musically. A real in-depth biography would be more interesting, I think, because Django was such a character. As one film critic wrote, the "escape from Nazis" story has been done way too much.

    *****SPOILER ALERT********

    The one part that brought tears to my eyes was when he smashed his guitar to hide it in the snow.
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