DPA 4099 guitar mic with amp help!

I've been playing with a peche a la mouche pickup and my AER amp for a few years now and I've managed to get a decent tone with it. However, I recently purchased a DPA 4099 guitar mic in hopes of getting closer to a more acoustic sound.

I did a little bit of research before I bought the mic and decided to also buy a preamp so I could have a little more control over it. I ended up buying the Headway EDB-1 preamp after reading several reviews and watching a few videos.

The problem is, I still feel like I don't know how to properly use the preamp with my AER amp and the DPA mic. I can't quite get the volume I need without it feeding back or sounding thin and tinny.

I was hoping that someone on here had a little bit of experience using the DPA mics with AER amps and either a preamp or specifically the Headway EDB-1.

Are there any useful resources out there about using preamps with guitar mics and amps? I've found a few videos but nothing super useful. I've read the manual on for the Headway, but still feel a bit lost....

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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