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WTB Entry-Level GJG in UK



  • DjangoJayDjangoJay New
    Posts: 13
    Hey im from the uk too. I'd recommend an altamira, I got my m01 from siccas guitars online, real fast delivery and no import charges. Mine sounds beautiful and keeps up with my mates Luther built guitar.
  • danowensdanowens New
    Posts: 5
    Anything new? I've missed a few on eBay and I'm gutted!
  • stuologystuology New
    edited July 2018 Posts: 56
    My Cigano GJ-5 should really go to a good home, although I would be sad to see it go. It’s a 12-fret which won’t suit everyone but it’s a bit of a classic really hard to get a guitar like this in a budget range. I’m based in the North West —

    It’s the same model as this guitar on sale at hobgoblin
  • PetrovPetrov ✭✭
    edited July 2018 Posts: 117
    Word is the new Altamira model M sounds great and at a budget price. There was a thread where Denis Chang @dennis tried a bunch of guitars and this was the best bang for your buck.

    A good setup will go a long way.

    I have a antique M01 with custom bridge and setup and it sounds amazing compared to the D500 Gitane I had.
  • TDogTDog Victoria, BCNew Shelley Park Montmartre; Cigano GJ 5
    Posts: 22
    it's worth checking amazon periodically - I picked up a new D hole Cigano for $310 CAD (about $235 US) a few weeks ago.
  • PompierPompier MarylandNew Cigano GJ-15
    edited July 2018 Posts: 62
    Yeah, Amazon pricing for new guitars can be pretty wacky. At one point I noticed that a Gitane with a $200 case cost less than the same guitar without the case. In fact, I originally came across this site here after the price for the Cigano I was about to buy went up by about $100 overnight. I'm glad I did too. Michael helped me in ways Amazon never would with that purchase and afterwards.
  • TDogTDog Victoria, BCNew Shelley Park Montmartre; Cigano GJ 5
    Posts: 22
    Agreed Pompier - I picked up the Cigano because there was a sudden price drop and with exchange and border costs it's expensive to get a guitar to Canada; however, generally I think buying from Michael is a much better way to go.
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