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Custom-designed Audio Technica Pro 70 / AT831B mounts

V-dubV-dub San Francisco, CA✭✭✭✭
Long story short: despite their issues, I love the sound of Audio Technica PRO 70 and AT831B mics and I think I'm in good company there. But after losing my soundhole mount, but couldn't stomach the fact that a replacement was $30.

I designed some custom ones which also accommodate a lot of the different mounting approaches I've seen in the gypsy jazz community. Including support mounting INSIDE the sound hole (petit bouche) or behind the bridge (common with feedback-prone D-hole setups).

The interior soundhole mount is thinner profile so it's easier to get in there without loosening strings, and there's also a clip on the other side for the cable so you don't have to tape it down, which I've seen some really hardcore gypsies do :)

Some more pictures here and full info here:

If you happen to have a 3d printer you can print them out yourself here:

I might be open to selling these if there's any interest.
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